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The following is a policy for water entrance fees that will be effective March 1, 1999.

The fee would be for connecting to the water main, or sometimes called a tap. It would be according to size or tap from the water main to the property.

1" 125.00
1 ¼" 175.00
1 ½' 200.00
2" 275.00
2 ½" 350.00
4' 750.00
6' 1,200.00
8' 1,500.00
10' 2,000.00
12' 2.500.00

Sewer tap fee 100.00

Point of information:

There already is in place a fee for curb box turn off, $25.00. After working hours $40.00

If homeowner disputes their water meter reading and wants the meter tested for it's accuracy, the cost is $40.00 if it is accurate. If the meter is not accurate and is faulty there is no charge.