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  Town Hall, Lower Level, 298 Central Street, Saugus, MA 0l906. Phone: 781-231-4108  


Joe Tassone - Town Accountant

Gail Peach - Data Processing Coordinator
Joanne Gayron - Accounting Clerk.

  The Accounting Department is responsible for keeping the municipal books for the Town. Items
recorded include Town Meeting appropriations, expenditures charged, amounts received from
revenue, assessments levied and abatements issued.

The Accounting Department also records all debt, including the purpose, date of borrowing, rate
of interest and provision for payment. Town payroll and financial records are available in the
Accounting Department where payroll and vendor checks are produced on a weekly basis.
At the end of the calendar year, W-2's and 1099's are produced for all required Town employees
and vendors.

The following Accounting Reports to be incorporated into the 2000 Annual Town Report are

  • Balance Sheet
  • Receipts and Expenditures
  • Bonded Debt Schedule
  • Bond Maturities and Interest Payable
  • Debt Accounts
  • Trust and Investment Accounts
July 1, 1999 - June 30, 2000
General Revenue
$ 41,288,091.94
Commercial Revenue 2,612,854.99
General Government 926,672.30
Protection to Persons & Property 697,127.14
Health & Sanitation 1,938,630.94
Veteran's Benefits 13,443.60
Highway & Bridges 1,197,140.64
Education & Libraries 1,127,926.04
Enterprises & Cemetery 1,809,043.91
Interest 739,601.98
Indebtness 18,542,277.78
Agency & Trust 8,442,863.87
Tailings 888.14
Unlocated Accounts 3.40
Refunds 276,800.00
Sub-total $ 79,613,366.67
Transfers 9,292,268.67
Total $ 88,905,635.34