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Welcome to the Town of Saugus, Massachusetts, home of the historic Saugus Iron Works. Saugus is a diverse Community consisting of 11 square miles located approximately 13 miles North of City of Boston. We have a population of approximately 27,500. The town is geographically divided North to South by the famous Route 1. This 3-mile strip of highway is home to many popular restaurants and retail stores, as well as a Regional Shopping Center.

Welcome to our web site, we hope that this unofficial site will help bring our community and government to the people we serve, both near and far. Please visit our town departments for further detailed information regarding our services.

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Saugus Town Manager
  Meet the Town Manager Andrew R. Bisignani
Town Calendar
  Get an update on Town activities and schedules for this spring / summer.
Phone numbers
  Get the phone numbers to all town departments of Saugus.
Saugus Departments
  Visit the pages of Saugus Town Departments and get valuable information about their services.
Recreational Facilities
  Learn more about the various recreational facilities in the town of saugus.
Town Photographs
  Visit the landmarks of Saugus like Saugus Town hall, War Memorial, Town buildings and more.
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